When it comes to running a business, there’s ultimately only one goal in mind: profit. While business owners want to provide outstanding service and excellent products, it’s all driven by a quest for profit.

Making a decent profit isn’t easy, but it happens. And when it does, the question becomes, “What are you going to do with it?” The answer could determine the fate of your business, as well as decide your own personal fortunes.

While the best way to spend hard-earned profits varies from one situation to another, the following are six suggestions worth considering:

Reinvest in the business

The most common way business owners spend profits is by reinvesting them into the enterprise. Maybe you want better equipment or a bigger and brighter sign out front. Whatever the specific intent, putting profits back into the business is one of the safest ways to spend the money. That said, frivolous purchases with no real connection to future profit potential should be scrutinized. That employee game room might sound fun, but will it help drive further success? Meanwhile, investing in better equipment will lead to improved operational capacity, driving up your output and growing sales as a result.

Pay off business debt

It takes a lot of capital to start a business. Chances are, you have a decent amount of debt as a result. Rather than keep making the minimum payments each month, consider paying the debt off in full, courtesy of your hard-earned profits. While this may not always be the best way to spend profits, since some forms of debt are more manageable over time than others, loans with exceptionally high interest should be paid off as soon as possible. 

Play the odds

Are you the sole owner of the business? If so, then you can spend the profits however you wish. With this in mind, those with a knack for placing bets should consider using some of the proceeds to play the odds. Whether it’s betting on NFL live lines or trying your luck at the tables, there are plenty of ways to turn a modest profit into significant winnings. With that said, it’s critical that you play responsibly. Limit your play money to a fraction of your total profits in order to limit the damage if you run into bad luck. But if you end up winning big, it’s arguably the best way to spend your business profits.

Purchase property

If the current market is any indicator, real estate remains one of the best investments one can make. Business owners may want to purchase property with their profits, especially if said property can be used to benefit the business going forward. It worked for Walt Disney! But even if the property is bought purely for speculation, there’s a good chance it will churn a profit in the future. With this in mind, consider using business profits to get into real estate.

Spend it on marketing

Marketing is a luxury for businesses just starting out. But when businesses achieve success, marketing becomes an accessible way to maintain that success going forward. With this in mind, business owners should seriously consider investing profits into a marketing campaign. The return on investment has the potential to be a game changer going forward.

Save for the future

Of course, you could always take the safe approach, so to speak, and deposit your profits into a savings account. While it might not be the most prudent move, factoring in inflation, it’s certainly one of the safest places to put your profits. That way, in the event of a future business opportunity, you have the cash on hand to make moves fast. Or, it turns into a nest egg you can use in retirement. Whatever the end game, turning profits into savings is always something to consider.

There’s no guarantee when running a business. Generating a significant profit proves elusive for most enterprises. At best, they break even. But when you manage to make a decent profit, the next step is figuring out what to do with it. If you use it for one of the suggestions offered above, you’ll increase the odds of making the most of your fortune. Good luck!


Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys covering topics related to business, finance, and travel.