About Open Business Council


Open Business Council – the hub for SMEs and Startups:

Open Business Council offers resources, Trade Finance, business advice, SME Finance and a forum and directory for businesses!

Improve your business and use the best digital, financial and funding tools to grow ROI – return on investment and ROA – return on attention!
Open Business Council is a 360 degrees hub supporting business, SMEs and startups in an open and transparent way. We believe in the power of openness and collaboration as core success factors for the future of doing business. Our goal is to inspire openness and help companies and organisations to become more competitive and successful by transforming into an (more) Open Business and supporting them in their needs.

A Platform and hub for resources, content, resources and a dynamic Forum:
Many organisations struggle to become more open, digital, find the right resources, find funding and the right trade finance. Open Business Council offers any SME or startup a platform, directory and network the right insights, resources and content and an open Forum for you to fund solutions and resources.

That’s why we offer you a hub for all aspects of Open Business including, but not limited to: Resources, SME Finance, Alternative Finance, Marketing, Software as a Service, Open Innovation, Open Communication, Open Research, Open Planning as well as Open Government & Open Data.

Open Business Council - What is you Business Plan?
Open Business Council – What is you Business Plan?

Solutions with Increased Visibility:
By creating a hub for Open Business we want to increase visibility for open business for SMEs, startup, social enterprises and its related ideas with our hub, forum and directory. We are a platform for businesses to share and publish their thoughts and experiences to inspire openness and get the right answers to their questions and problems. By uniting the business community of open thinkers SMEs and Startups we want to increase the visibility and reach of Open Business to inspire openness and drive change.

Broadened perspective:
We see Open Business as a 360 degrees concept of doing business in an open and transparent way. Bringing together open business thinkers, leaders from different areas and background. It should also help us to broaden, challenge and enhance our understanding of Open Business. By combining different perspectives on openness, social media, resources, Forums, ways of financing and raising fund and the best leverage for you and you business.

This with a solid relation of co-creation where we hope to create a synchronised overall framework of Open Business that can be applied to different departments and helps companies to adapt the whole organisation to the changed and connected world we live in.

Open Business Council - Business Plan - Financial - Strategy
Open Business Council – Business Plan – Financial – Strategy

Co-Created with you:
The Open Business Council should not only act as a global platform to share and publish thoughts it a way to find solutions that help you, you business, your margins. We want to synthesize the diverse ideas and experiences into a joint framework that will help you and your business find success.

And as we believe in open business we want to make this project in Co-Creation with you, using best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility policies (CSR) as we want to do this together in the best ways with YOU!