PI (Predictive Index) is one of the top hiring platforms as it ensures talent optimization, and businesses can immensely benefit from this talent-providing agency. Here is the detail of the mandatory hiring processes incorporated by PI. 

8 Efficient Hiring Steps that are Part of the PI Model

Job Definition

The driving force behind collecting the right talent skill starts with a proper job definition. Usually, HR has a meeting with the potential hirers and assembles a list of the key factors that define the jobs. This primary step is essential for obtaining a clear picture of what the job is about.

Usually, a form is used to collect the required data; afterward, a job is created in the system of Predictive Index.

Job Description

The job description includes all must-haves since it allows the right talent acquisition and ensures that suitable candidates are made accessible.

Posting the Job Ad

Once the job target is all set, we can proceed to the effective posting of the job. The job is also posted on all major job-posting websites, such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. By incorporating the right job posting channels, proper networking is made possible.

Besides, passive talented candidates can be sourced too through an efficient employee referral.

Assessing Applicants

After the job, the ad has been posted successfully, and proper networking has been initiated, the list of applicants is generated, including the candidates existing at entry-level. After the thorough assessment of applicants, it is analyzed which applicants should receive behavioral and analytical assessments.

Finalizing Candidates

Once the potential candidates have completed their assessments, it is time to match the scores and finalize the candidates. The final match scores indicate how relevant a candidate is to the job description and job opening, making it easier to determine which candidate should be called for an interview.

It is important to mention here that the matching and analysis of the cognitive assessment plays a more important role than the score matching of behavioral assessment.

Phone Screening

Those applicants with the best match scores receive a primary phone call. In other words, they are shortlisted, and subsequently, an initial step of phone screening takes place. Usually, the duration of an initial phone screening lies somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes.

The primary objective of conducting phone screening is to verify the potential candidate’s work experience and educational background. The potential candidates are also assessed based on their past work-related work accomplishments and salary requirements.

Those candidates who pass the initial phone screening test are then forwarded to a telephonic conversation with the hiring manager. This phone conversation with the hiring manager also helps study any potential behavioral gaps that can be further discovered.

In-Person Interview

The best-matched potential candidates are finalized for the in-person hiring process. Typically, this in-person interview lasts up to three hours as the potential candidates are welcomed on the premises of PI and provided with refreshments, which is why the day of the in-person interview is also known as the “Super Day.”

Final Follow-Up

The follow-up incorporates an anonymous survey in which candidates are asked about their feedback on their experience with PI. The candidates also receive money taken from a $10 gift card.