Have you ever experienced using a product that hadn’t been well-tested before a launch? Think about all the technology, software, kitchen gadgets, and even hair styling tools you’ve used over the years. Some were amazing, and others were less than stellar. It’s like when Microsoft does an upgrade and there are bugs and problems in the new software that could’ve been worked out with better product testing.


For businesses who are getting ready to launch a service or product, it’s critical to be sure you’ve done your due diligence when it comes to product testing. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it works well and that it’s ready for the masses. Here are the biggest benefits of using product testing before you launch anything.


Improves User Experience


At the end of the day a happy customer is worth its weight in gold. Waiting in agony for the launch of a new piece of technology only to discover that it’s filled with problems is a recipe for disappointment. Trying a new face cream because you’ve heard it can work wonders and then realizing it’s an expensive dud is more than a little frustrating. As a business, it’s your responsibility to work out all the bugs before a new product is launched. This can improve the overall user experience which in turn leads to better press for your company.


Backs up Product Claims


Are you making claims about what your product can do? You better have the data to backup your claims. Product testing companies like The Benchmarking Company know that it’s critical to have hard data that reveals the truth about how well a product works. They provide testing for cosmetic companies to help them determine the safety and efficacy of all their products. While it might feel like one more expense before you can recoup any money from product development, the testing stage is where your product is validated and your claims are backed up.


Reduces the Risk of Litigation


Can you imagine what would happen to a car company that never did any safety testing for their products? The first accident where someone was killed or injured could yield a lawsuit so big, they’d never recover from it. Product testing ensures that they are not only developing a safe driving experience, but that they are also protecting themselves from certain kinds of litigation. Baby product manufacturers also know how important it is to complete testing. Because the risk is so great when it comes to parents and babies, they do everything in their power to avoid litigation.


Boosts Consumer Trust



When your company can say with confidence that your products were adequately tested, consumers are more likely to buy from you. Testing improves consumer trust. When they can go in and view test results and any data related to the product you’re selling, that transparency creates a strong connection. While you can do your own testing, companies who seek out testing from 3rd parties are more likely to have some sway with potential customers.


Reduces Product Development Stage


Want to reduce the time it takes to get your product to the market? Do product testing. Product testing reduces product development time because at every appropriate stage of development you are testing your things for safety, efficacy, and problems.


You are looking for all the ways that something could go wrong with your products which means that you can fix issues earlier. When you get the final merchandise done, you can do final testing to ensure the quality and functionality are good enough to represent your brand.


Less Likely to Be Recalled


You don’t want to be on the business end of a recall. It’s an expensive process and a PR nightmare. While some issues could be patches to software for minor glitches, other products can be deadly. Cars with parts that weren’t tested properly, baby products with parts that have choking hazards, and lotions and creams that burn the skin can be problematic. Items that go through enough testing are far less likely to ever be recalled. You’ve already thought through how well things need to work and you’ve made sure, to the best of your ability, that it does.