When your new startup grows up enough to need to move into an office environment in rented premises, it’s an exciting time. It’s also a time where you’re going to have to adjust your budget to suit your new premises. You need to consider the rent, the utilities, the furniture, the photocopier leas , and even down to the last paperclip.

New premises mean you need to revisit your budget; make it so that you discuss it with your finance manager first, too, so you don’t overspend. The whole idea of your business is that you need it to be efficient and successful and you can’t do that without the basic essentials of your office. It’s not all that hard to think about the electronic equipment that you need, but the smaller office supplies can go right over your head. It’s best to be as prepared as possible from the get-go so that you don’t end up wasting time ordering more things to kit your new office out. So, what does your new office need so that you can hit the ground running?

1. Desk Supplies.

It doesn’t matter how many members of staff that you have in the office, each desk needs to be equal. From the pencils and erasers to the waterproof labels, your desks need to be well-equipped so that your staff have everything to make their working day easier. You may be using tablets and smartphone these days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a well-stocked desk.

2. Software.

It’s a given that you’ll have a set of office computers linked to the internal server to keep all your data and intelligent information in one place, but on the desktops of your employees, you’ll also need to have good software. This software will be good for managing customer payments like this, scheduling appointments and generating invoices.

3. Office Furniture.

You’ll need something to write with, but there’s no use in buying any supplies without somewhere to sit and work. Ergonomics are so important in office furniture and chairs, so you need to ensure that you buy the correct furniture for when you perform your risk assessments.

4. Organisers

Filing cabinets, folder, plastic sleeves, dividers: when you have to organise paperwork as part of your job, you need tools to keep yourself organised. It’s so important to not lose vital documents, and organisation files will be able to help you to do this effectively.

5. Paper

Many offices are cutting down on their paper usage, but that doesn’t mean that paper is obsolete in the office. It doesn’t matter whether you have everything on tablets and computers, you’ll still need printer paper and copier paper. Don’t forget the ink and toner, though! Offices need to be ready before you move in and start working and it’s all about building a foundation for the business that you want to have. Successful businesses don’t find themselves caught short and without the essential items that keep them going on a day-to-day basis. Your company can thrive with a little organisation, so start shopping today!