Domino’s Time Square Billboard: Open Communications


Times Square in New York is nicknamed “The Crossroads of the World.” People come from all over the world to visit this New York landmark.  The advertising signs that companies rent space for are seen by millions of people every day.

“The Zipper” is the scrolling new sticker on the former NY Times building at One Times Square. ABC has a dual ticker showing regular news and sports stories on a building across the square, Domino’s Pizza franchise has rented a billboard above the ABC News ticker, showing customer comments. This will allow the millions of people to read every day what people are thinking about Domino’s products.

Open Squared

For Domino’s this act means being open squared. Not only are they already visible through  social media ‘at the mercy’ of their customers, but by showing –unfiltered- Domino’s customer experiences at such a crowded space is a commitment by them to get and be Better. It adheres “a brand is what customers think it is”.

To get better: by improving its products and experience by listening to and interacting with the community.

To be better: by being a platform, co-creating its value and brand perception together with external stakeholders. Not only customers, but also suppliers and food-experts that have their opinion in organic food, sustainable supply chains and what more. All in order to be a more socially responsible organization.


By opening up communications Domino’s needs to be self-regulative, paradoxically being more autonomous in the ecosystem due to connectiveness with external stakeholders.

 Sustainable and ethical business

A business that is open to direct and indirect involvement of its external stakeholders is being “forced” (from a conventional point of view) to become a sustainable and ethical business. Openly communicating and debating are its new ways of co-creating mutual value, increasing sales and credits.

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