Events: Welcome to an Open Innovation space

Open Business Council

aims to organise and promote events for the discussion of the main challenges and worlwide inititives being managed in the field of open business. With the evolution of web and with social media opening a new array of possibilities and risks for business any business will have to aim towards a concept of transparency and openness. Openness can be defined as the quality of being open, but being open in business is a huge challenge and of course also an enormous oportunity. In an economy of scale and continous crisis the concept of openness is critical to the present and the times to come. Also all the business that adapt towards this concept and adapt it as part of their strategy can indeed grow in the direction of engagement and synergies of their businesses, audiences and growth of their offering, wether products or services. Part of this project and the DNA of the Business Council project is to establish itself as a space to give voice and promote events. Also this platform will organise events that refers to a very general philosophical position of openness in businessand the best insights about change management. Companies, individuals and organizations need to operate, often highlighted by a decision-making process recognizing communal management by distributed stakeholders, wether users/producers/contributors rather than a centralized authority: owners, experts, boards of directors. Welcome on board and get in touch with us to engage in our programand promote your events and initiatives!