10 Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face In 2022

2022 brings with it a unique set of challenges for small business owners. Below we look at 10 of these in a little more detail: 10 Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face In 2022 .

10 Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face In 2022

10 Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face In 2022

SEO Strategies

With online presence being such a big part of the business market, small businesses must develop an SEO strategy that works. If you are new to SEO, it is best to use an agency that can help you, such as Moda.digital. They offer SEO services in Glasgow and across the UK, so you can develop a well-written website with SEO at the forefront.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best way to market your small business for free, but it can be difficult to traverse. Do your research and create a social media marketing strategy that covers the most popular apps, such as Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram.


Brexit has caused many changes for UK businesses, with import taxes and difficulty getting products from overseas, small business owners need to keep up to date with the latest challenges this brings.

Decreased High Street Sales

High street sales have decreased with so many consumers getting familiar with online shopping. As a small business, you should be looking at creating an online store alongside your real store.


There are new regulations in place regarding sustainability, so your small business needs to embrace this wherever possible. Finding ways to become eco-friendly will improve your brand reputation and ensure that you pay less for the waste your business makes. 

Cyber Security 

10 Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face In 2022

Cyber Security

Hackers are becoming better and better at getting into the most extensive systems, so your small business needs to stay cyber aware. Ensure you use everything at your disposal to keep business information confidential and hire an IT expert if you need support with this. 

Remote Working

2022 has brought remote working to a whole new level, so small businesses need to incorporate this into their business to stay ahead. Employees are more likely to work for a business that has remote options and remote working could even make you a better leader. 

Acquiring Talent

Finding the right talent for your small business will help it grow and flourish. With remote working becoming popular, it can be harder to acquire the right talent. Learning how to use the world of LinkedIn and Indeed to your advantage can keep potential employees interested in working for you.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is so important in the business world, no matter what you specialise in. Small businesses need to show employees how they are getting behind their mental health and what they are doing to improve work-life balance.


Small businesses have more to worry about as they try to establish a customer base when worrying about potential lockdowns. Although 2022 seems to be the end of this, you should still have a plan in place, such as an online store.

Small businesses have a lot to overcome in 2022 but your business can still thrive and grow this year with the right strategies and talent.