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Open comms; an admirable world of voices to listen to and to watch wind blowing data! When we think about communications for business, were is the wind blowing? Optimists can point to the introduction of new areas powered by social technologies that somehow open business towards a relation and interaction with customers, new structures of defining strategies and change management that opens a lot of new enterprise oportunities. Pessimists can point to the continuing deluge of all negative ... Read more
The strategic relevance of ethics, commitment and rewards in Co-Creation   Ethics in Social Media Research – the privacy debate In the market research community the discussion about data privacy and guidelines for social media research (mainly focused on listening) is peaking right now as ESOMAR, CASRO, MRS and other Market research associations have published their guidelines recently. This debate is crucial as behaviors like that of Nielsen Buzzmetrics scrapping data from, ... Read more
Times Square in New York is nicknamed "The Crossroads of the World." People come from all over the world to visit this New York landmark.  The advertising signs that companies rent space for are seen by millions of people every day. “The Zipper” is the scrolling new sticker on the former NY Times building at One Times Square. ABC has a dual ticker showing regular news and sports stories on a building across the square, Domino's Pizza franchise has rented a billboard above the ABC News ... Read more