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Introduction to Cybersecurity Guide by

Postby obc5629 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:51 pm

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Excellent resource by Jean Lehmann worth reading and learning as all businesses will need it:
Understanding Cybersecurity – both the threat landscape and the actions that need to be taken to prevent and detect attacks – has become an increasingly important issue for businesses, independently of their size.

Looking at how threats have evolved over time is useful to gain perspective on Cybersecurity. Ted Julian, writing for Info Security documented the way in which Cybersecurity has changed in the last 25 years as a response to evolving threats.

The first computer worm was seen in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Its instigator was a hacker named Robert Morris. The Morris virus could represent the first denial of service attack. Following the propagation of the virus, people started to realise that they needed better security teams to protect businesses globally.

In 1990 emerged the first viruses. Particularly infamous were the ILOVEYOU as well as the Melissa viruses. Both made international news and infected millions of computers.

Email services were targeted and failed as a result of the attack. There appeared to be no financial incentive for carrying out the attacks. These types of viruses were ultimately beneficial for businesses in the longer run because from dealing with these people started to understand they had to handle their email in more appropriate ways to avoid infections. For example, opening attachments from unknown senders became known as bad practice.

In the late 2000s a new threat emerged, which was focused on credit cards. These attacks sought to gain access to credit card information to use them for fraudulent purposes. One renowned criminal in this area was Albert Gonzalez. Gonzalez was responsible between 2005 and 2007 for stealing a large amount of credit card data – at a minimum it is estimated that 45.7 million payment card details were sold. TJ Maxx, the target of this attack is believed to have lost $256 million as a result. This development became more problematic for businesses as the data stolen was part of a regulatory framework. This meant that organisations had to make sure that they had funds in place to be able to provide compensation to victims impacted by such attacks. With such dreadful financial consequences possible for businesses, organisations started implementing much more robust security systems to better protect themselves from this risk.

In the modern day there have been a couple of noteworthy attacks. One of the most prominent is that on Target, which led to 40 million credit and debit cards’ data being stolen. The attack was interesting because it leveraged a third party supplier to attack point of sale systems. The CEO resigned as the breach was so serious. It has become very apparent that organisations have to protect themselves from this type of attack. This means making sure that everyone knows the seriousness of the situation to help to protect against breaches, while also having good systems and controls in place to respond to incidents as they arise.

These days cybercrime is tremendously advanced. Organisations are constantly at threat, and it is very difficult to be 100% sure of preventing an attack, since new types of attack are being developed and attacks are evolving in sophistication. There has been a changed focus however in organisations in response to an evolving threat landscape. The emphasis is now more related to how organisations can prepare for and respond to incidents that occur. Handling them effectively can help an organisation to demonstrate how resilient it is. Organisations need to have in place systems, processes and procedures so that people know what to do when facing a cyber attack. It might be argued that a disaster recovery plan is also needed to help businesses recover from such situations. The key message to take away from this is that businesses that are prepared are less likely to be as detrimentally impacted as those that are not.

7 part guide Sources:

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effektiv bantning
diet viktminskning
tr�ning ga ner i vikt
lchf blogg
bli smal
knep f�r att ga ner i vikt
kan man tr�na f�r mycket
ga ner i vikt enkelt
ga ner i kroppsfett
�ta h�lsosamt ga ner vikt
diet f�r att ga upp i vikt
blogg viktminskning
hur kan jag ga ner i vikt snabbt
ga ner i vikt hemma
hj�lp med att ga ner i vikt
kost f�r viktminskning
gatt upp i vikt snabbt
hur ska jag g�ra f�r att ga ner i vikt
tips pa hur man blir smal
minska i vikt
�kad fettf�rbr�nning
hur gar jag ner 10 kg
ga ner i vikt pa 2 veckor
ga ner i tid
diet f�r att ga ner i vikt
hur gar jag upp i vikt
ga upp i vikt pa en vecka
snabb viktminskning tips
burn fettf�rbr�nning
bantnings te
ga upp i vikt tips
viktminskning kost
blogg viktminskning
kost ga upp i vikt
ga ner 10 kg pa 4 manader

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