Crowdfunding and P2P lending Insights by NESTA

Crowdfunding & Peer to Peer Funding
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Crowdfunding and P2P lending Insights by NESTA

Postby obc5629 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:46 pm

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Crowdfunding and P2P lending have been much touted as a way for individuals and businesses to raise funds by attracting small amounts from a relatively large number of individuals. But there is also a growing trend of big traditional investors finding ways of working with ‘the crowd’ of small funders and the projects and businesses funded through these online finance models. Across the different crowdfunding and P2P lending models, there are emerging examples of bigger institutional funders like banks and venture capitalists engaging with these new entrants. In the long term we are likely to see more of this activity as platforms, traditional funders and the crowd attempt to find new ways of working together.

Online platforms channeling investment from institutional investors

While the original aim of alternative finance platforms was to facilitate investment from ordinary people looking to back a project or invest in a business for a return, larger institutional funders are beginning to put significant capital through alternative finance sites.

When one talks of crowdfunding, the typical perception is of thousands of unsophisticated investors contributing £10 or £50 to a firm in exchange for very small chunks of equity. But this is rarely what we see in practice. As equity-based crowdfunding platforms have expanded (an average growth of 410% from 2012 - 2014), and have attracted an increasing number of interesting investment opportunities, traditional investors have begun to look to them for opportunities. Nesta’s 2014 study of alternative finance in the UK, revealed that 38% of investor survey respondents from equity-based crowdfunding sites identified themselves as being either sophisticated investors or high net worth individuals.

While much of this participation is ad hoc, some platforms have sought to formalise the relationship between traditional larger investors and the smaller, often inexperienced investors. One of these is The Syndicate Room. Here, ‘the crowd’ can invest (with the caveat that the minimum retail investment is £1000) alongside active business angels, provided that a lead angel investor is investing at least 25% of the overall amount. Crowd-investors then get the benefit of investing on the same terms as the professional investor, so in effect, when they look after their own interest in the company they look after the crowd investors too.

We see several potential future scenarios:
Small lenders and investors will get crowded out of many P2P lending platforms, with some platforms and projects limiting the participation of institutional investors to prevent individuals from getting crowded out.
Banks and other financial institutions will set up, or acquire existing, P2P lending platforms
Venture capital firms will set up formal partnerships with crowdfunding sites and some will be setup to invest exclusively in crowdfunding successes
Large charities and foundations will put 50% of their grant funding through match funding programmes

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